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Welcome at the official blog of Zakia Purity. I am a nineteen year old female from the Netherlands, who loves photography and started blogging about two years ago. A lot of people may know me because of my quotes, which became popular on We Heart It. This blog is a collection of my love for nature, love, quotes, relationships, food, clothes and a lot more. I also have other blogs which are dedicated to specific subjects, like islam, the arabic world and Grey's Anatomy. For now I hope you will be inspired by my blogs and that you will enjoy it. I am very happy with the 45k followers I have on Tumblr & We Heart It! Thank you for following, I really appreciate it. For comments and other questions you can contact me. Note: these photos are not mine, unless stated otherwise.

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Have some fire. Be unstoppable.Be a force of nature. Be better than anyone here & don't give a damn about what anyone thinks.
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